Rehabilitation Through Football (Prison Football) – A chance to change

Rehabilitation Through Football (Prison Football) – A chance to change

Venue: Kathmandu

Target Group: Adult prisoners for coaching and refereeing, juveniles for football training

Objective of the Project:

Shelter Nepal is working with prisons including juvenile correction centers aimed at reducing reoffending and promoting rehabilitation. Shelter offers coaching and refereeing courses , football training depending on their interest, age and serving period to prisoners , juveniles in order to establish alternate pathways to eventual employment when they are set free. It will help improve their lives and give them a motive to work for once they are released back into the society. Shelter will provide them with opportunities to work in its own academy, football events, slum soccer so that they can even make their living. By the end of 2023, we aim to run this program in all the prisons in Nepal if we get the required financial support from our supporting hands.

Outcome/Impact of the activity:

  • Reduction in reoffending
  • Opportunities and routes to employment on release
  • Rehabilitation through football ensures emotional resilience, self-confidence, motivation and prepares them for social reintegration.
  • Changing the perception of people towards prisoners and giving a second chance so that people can learn from their mistakes and be a better person.