Slum Soccer-Combating homelessness through football

Slum Soccer-Combating homelessness through football

Initiation Date: Twice a week since Jan 2019

Venue: Kathmandu

Target Group: Children and Youth living in the slum

Number of participants: 100


Objective of the project:

Children living in the slum usually experience a very difficult childhood. They typically lack education, nutritious food, good health, family support and mainly love. These children never experience the basic rights so slum soccer is a program that trains children from the slums in football so that they can grow wisely with the power of football. This sport connects them to the mainstream society and motivate the children. We use football to inspire and encourage them. Football teaches them to be disciplined and set goals. Sports is an integral part of any childhood, this project helps in improving their health and mental growth. We even are trying to support them in nutritious food so that they can grow healthier.

Outcome/Impact of the activity:

  • Football helps in crafting a disciplined lifestyle
  • Playing children are happy children resulting in proper mental growth and helping them combat their difficulties in livelihood
  • Development of sports as an education in the slum community
  • Support to parents with awareness and education on importance of sport as and nutrition to be physically and mentally fit
  • Reduction in children being involved in troublesome activities in the slums
  • Children learning manners and benefiting from our counselling programs with government taking ownership and keen interest on supporting these children through  sports