Football has no gender: Let her game speak !!

Football has no gender: Let her game speak !!

Initiation Date: Since 1st of Feb 2019 Runs every week

Venue: Multiple Locations, Kathmandu, Jhapa and Partner organizations all over Nepal

Target Group: Young Girls , Women

Number of participants: 180

Objective of the project:

Football for woman is not just about game but it is the great drivers of gender equality. Women in sports defy gender stereotypes and social norms, make inspiring role models, and show men and women as equals. Football develops strength, confidence and self-esteem in women. It gives them freedom to express themselves and let the world understand that women can equally play and get empowered through it. We are running football coaching for young girls too so that they can understand the equality since their childhood. The leagues that we do are equally for women and girls so that they get opportunities to show their skills.. Male players are idolized for their skill and strength whereas female athletes are more likely to be judged on their appearance or personal life. Football has no gender is mainly a campaign that we advocate in the national government level.


Outcome/Impact of the activity:

  • Strong tool to promote women empowerment and advocate on gender equality
  • Young boys understand that girls are equal because they play together- Increasing access for women and girls to sports helps build confidence and promotes stronger social integration.
  • Involving girls in sport activities alongside boys can help overcome prejudice that often contributes to social vulnerability of women and girls.
  • Football has made our participants more confident and strong socially, mentally and physically.
  • The general public is slowly developing interest in female football and acknowledging it.
  • All organization having girl child registered for our football league along with their boys and girls football team.
  • Sport can be an effective means to provide women with a healthy lifestyle as well as to convey important messages on a wide range of health issues.