Shelter Ashraya Nepal is a voluntary non-government organization started in 2014. Shelter envisions villages which are self-sufficient, everybody is self-reliant, employed, empowered women irrespective of economic condition, caste, creed, religion, and language so that they could lead their faithful and dignified lives. It works in the development of a society where there are no children left on the street, irrespective of the difficulties in their lives.

It is dedicated on reintegration of street children in families along with support for resolving identity crisis and support to attain birth registration, citizenship and preserve other property rights. Implement effort to transform highly vulnerable women and children’s lives, empower communities and put children and community and the people at the very heart of everything we do. The long-term project objective is to improve the wellbeing, support, and protection of vulnerable street children, women and increase the knowledge, abilities and assist children to shape their future with advocacy to right to legal identity, equality, education and right to protection from violence. In doing this the project will change attitudes and behaviors, reduce stigma, and respond to and prevent further abuse and exploitation of children and women in target communities. The major objective of the organization is to work for humanitarian aid and social change. The organization focuses on rural village development, women empowerment, shelter, food, education, family and society reintegration, legal support, vocational and skill development training, psychosocial support and empowerment through sports, life skills and other basic requirements for the long-term social security to accomplish its mission. The main thrust of the shelter is the welfare of the unfortunate and abandoned children, women, protection of farmers, children under the

vicious circle of poverty and ending all forms of child labor.


  • To empower children and youth through Sports through the academy and football club
  • To rehabilitate and reintegrate children living on the street by providing them, food, shelter, healthcare, education, vocational training, and life skill education.
  •  The Model Village development plan will help alleviate the difficulties faced by the poor communities by supporting them to improve their lives by empowering the whole community utilizing their skills and expertise.
  • Empower women, fund microloans, training and services that enable women to start businesses, support their families and strengthen their communities.
  • To empower villagers to live in a prosperous village—where people are educated and healthy, and lead a life of dignity in a clean and pollution-free environment; where everyone’s basic needs of life such as food, water, clothing, housing, and employment are met; where there is harmony between man and nature; and where there is a self-reliant and vibrant culture rooted in Nepal’s age-old traditional wisdom.
  • To provide legal support to attain birth registration, citizenship and preserve other property
  • To protect the rights of children through lobbying with the concerned stakeholders.
  • To reunite street children to their families and society.
  • To provide emergency and necessary health treatments.
  • To build a strong network with GOs, NGOs, and INGOs for improvement of the policies of street children.
  • To provide legal support to attain birth registration, citizenship and preserve other property rights.