Shelter Nepal

Our Mission

Shelter Ashraya Nepal is a voluntary, non-government; non-profit organisation established in 2014, which envisions a society where children and youth are safe, protected and has access to all the basic rights. Shelter uses football to work for children and youth, their rehabilitation, reintegration &their empowerment. Shelter uses Football as a fundamental tool. The children and youth wish to show the world that football is not just a game but also a voice, a picture that reflects independence, equality and the strength to change the stereotype and patriarchal society. We currently run football training and campaigns and programs adressing the following issues:

  • Empowerment through sports-Football for all
  • Rehabilitation through Football- A chance to change (Prison Football) 
  • Slum Soccer- Combating homelessness –Right to play
  • Football has no Gender- Let her game speak
  • Driving Social Change- End Menstrual Taboo, End Monthly Exile
  • Red Card to Child Labor- Healing through Football
  • Right to legal Identity: Birth Registration
  • Compulsory School : Right to Education
  • Protection from Violence: Start from home
  • Nutrition: The First 5 years 


Transforming Life through football.

Events and Campaigns

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Street to Shelter: Shelter Ashraya Nepal.
Nepal SBI Bank National Street Child Football League 2017- Road to World Cup
What is Shelter Ashraya Nepal?


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